Encore Dance Academy | 2023 Recital Showcase

2023 Recital Showcase


Saturday June 17, 2023

Reading Memorial High School

Showtimes 10:00am / 2:00pm / 6:00pm

Recital Information

  • Recital updates will be emailed to the account on file. An effort is made to minimize the number of shows a single family performs in, it is not always possible to put all family members in one show. Therefore, please expect that if you have multiple children or if you are in multiple classes- your child or children will be in different shows.
  • There is a $50.00 per family production fee – you will receive a FREE digital download of the entire show as well! This fee is due by January 1st and is non refundable after February 1st.

Costume Prices

  • Costume payments are completed in two payments: costume deposit due November 1st and costume balance due December 1st. We cannot order a costume for your child until the first payment is received. Costume payments are non-refundable. In the case of a withdrawal from class the costume can be picked up within 2 weeks of arrival; after which point the costume becomes property of Encore Dance Academy. Alterations are not the studio responsibility. Anyone on automatic payment of credit card for monthly tuition will also have their card debited for costumes when applicable.
  • Baby Dance - Kinder Combo | $80.00 ($50.00 deposit/$30.00 balance)
  • Primary Combo, Intermediate Combo, Pre-Comp, Hip Hop, Diva and Teen Classes | $90.00 ($50.00 deposit/$40.00 balance)
  • Primary Combo and Intermediate Combo will have 2 Recital Costumes and Routines
  • Acro classes DO NOT perform in the Recital
  • The price of your costume also includes packaging and a pair of tights for the recital. We only order the highest quality costumes that never disappoint!

Recital Dates to Remember

    • *NEW* Costume Week: March 13th - 18th
    • 2023-2024 Full Year Schedule posted on our website: May 1st
    • Online Ticket Sales Open: Saturday May 13th *Ticket Limit this day only*
    • Picture Week: June 5th - 10th *There will be NO CLASSES this week*
    • 2023-2024 Full Year Registration Opens: June 1st
    • Spirit Week: June 10th - 16th
    • Recital Showcase: Saturday June 17th
    • Post Recital Wrap Up Week: June 19th - 24th

    *All other Recital related information will be released in the next few months
    *Downloads from the 2022 Recital Showcase have expired - if you need a copy of your child's routine please reach out to emelanson@fourstarprod.com

    Recital Choreography Practice Videos

    • Click HERE to access our YouTube page

    1321 Main Street Location - 2023 Costume Book

    1349 Main Street Location - 2023 Costume Book