Encore Dance Academy | The Encore Difference

The Encore Difference

When we established Encore Dance Academy, we made a promise to hold ourselves to the highest standards - both personally and professionally. We are constantly striving to maintain our commitment to growth by keeping the following at the forefront of our minds:


We believe in always showing perseverance and strength. When things get tough, the only way to succeed is to never give up.


We believe that everyone brings a unique piece of themselves to our dance family. By recognizing the rare and beautiful gifts others bring to the table we live a fuller life. We believe in diversity and inclusivity, including but not limited to race, gender, ability, age and background.


We believe that there is always something to be learned - and we can learn so much from those around us. We motivate and encourage one another to be our truest self and inspire a love for dance.


We believe that everyone goes through hardships. With support and love from a team like ours, we can withstand anything!

Children and young adults who explore the world of dance at an early age will find a constructive outlet for their creativity and way to express themselves. Dance also helps foster a positive attitude. We help create an encouraging environment that helps turn each dance lesson into a positive, constructive experience. Dance lessons are a great place for kids to make new friends. With each class, children learn to improve their communication and social skills by interacting with other dancers in their class. They also learn how to work together as a team. In time, students learn how to cooperate and trust in one another. It's not uncommon for children to forge lifelong friendships from dance.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of dance classes - HAVING FUN! Dancing is so much fun for kids. It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. We believe that our educational expertise coupled with the positive environment we create are crucial factor's that contribute to each dancer's success. Encore strives to promote choices that exceed far beyond dance education to prepare our students for life in and outside of the classroom.

We welcome dancers of all experience levels ages 18 months through adult to join us in a variety of our classes. Most of our dance families have been with us for 5 to 10 years - we truly are a dance family. Are you ready to join the fun?