Virtual Dance Experience

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Are Online Dance Classes Really Worth It?

No doubt about it, virtual dance classes attempted in your living room are not the same as classes in the studio. But dance classes in any form are about more than learning technique - they offer community and connectivity. Now more than ever, when kids aren't able to see their friends, community becomes paramount. Kids are actually getting more from virtual dance classes on a mental and emotional level.

Here are our top three reasons for continuing dance via our Virtual Dance Experience:

1. Students benefit emotionally. The greatest challenge for kids, especially for those on the younger side—ages 7 to 12—is not seeing their friends. But even though we must be socially distant, we don't want to be emotionally distant—we need that connectivity. Letting our students maintain their sense of community is the key to getting through this time.

2. Creative thinking is grounding. The way we can tolerate the unknown—and thus tolerate the pandemic—is to think creatively and outside of the box. Movement is good for the mind and it's a healing tool. It's crucial to help our students access that.

3. Class times can give you, the parents, a much-needed break - knowing that when your child is busy with a class, you have the next 90 minutes to get what you need done for work or otherwise.

What about the littlest kids? The benefits of enrolling our tiniest tots in virtual dance classes may vary wildly from kid to kid. But if your child is getting even one thing out of the class even once in a while, it's beneficial. Not every preschooler has the patience for online learning. But keep in mind that even virtual classes offer good opportunities to be around others and learn.

The bottom line: Children need some form of community and connectivity. So, if they love dance and have friends in dance, the virtual classes are worth it just for that.