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Move with Me: Ages 12-18 Months

This program is designed to give both caretaker and child a joyful and nurturing experience. Caretaker will introduce creative movement and hand-eye coordination skills to the little ones. Caretaker will be guided through basic strengthening exercises, dance skills and music skills. We will use different props to keep the child engaged and make learning playful and exciting. We will explore rhythm, movement and social interaction with others all while having fun!

Little Movers: Ages 18-24 Months

Welcome to your child’s first dance class experience! At this age level, we introduce principles of musicality and overall coordination. Your little one will learn important skills such as sharing, waiting their turn and general socialization. Sharing this positive experience with their peers, students learn teamwork and other group skills. We use song & dance as well as basic ballet to help engage student’s attention and imagination.

Kinder Hip-Hop: Ages 5-8

Hip Hop offers students a more relaxed environment to learn combinations and dance moves. Hip Hop introduces students to the latest dance moves as seen on TV, music videos and in the movies!

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