Encore Dance Company

The Benefits of Competition

Company Members will be expected to compete in 3-5 competitions per year depending upon level. Competitions are a wonderful outlet for children who are interested in the performing arts. It helps to build self-esteem, good sportsmanship and friendships that will last a lifetime. It also teaches students important values like time management and personal responsibility. We strongly believe that the values and training our company members receive prepares them to succeed in every facet of their lives.

Attend a Dance Convention

Company Members will also attend one mandatory Dance Convention; NYCDA Boston. NYCDA is a regional educational event hosted by professional dancers. It is usually held the first weekend in December. Location is typically in a Boston hotel ballroom, with a stage for instructors to teach from. At conventions, dance teachers and students alike learn new techniques, and styles of dance. We proudly support New York City Dance Alliance, because they strive to make each convention educational, motivating, inspiring and fun! Most importantly, they want everyone to leave truly believing that they care about each student - and their futures. They want to make sure they offer everyone the necessary resources to help all dancers take the next steps in their dance lives.

Dance Company is a Commitment

We must also disclose that being a part of the Dance Company is much more involved than regular recreational dancing in terms of commitment level and financial obligation. Students are required to dance for a specified amount of time per week depending upon level. Attendance should be consistent and constant. Financially speaking, costs to think about include: costumes, tuition, competition fees, travel/hotel fees (when necessary), convention fees and rehearsal fees (when necessary). It is a true family decision so please think about your lifestyle, limitations and needs before committing to the company.

Interested in joining our company? Contact us us to schedule your audition at any time!