Classes at Encore

First Step Classes

Baby Dance

This program is designed to develop the first important principles of dance: rhythm and coordination. At this age level, we introduce the basics of tap and ballet to develop musicality and overall coordination. Your little one will learn important skills such as sharing, waiting their turn and general socialization. Through this program, children gain a sense of accomplishment. Sharing this positive experience with their peers, students learn teamwork and other group skills. We use song & dance as well as basic ballet & tap to help engage students’ attention and imagination. Class length is 45 minutes.

Pre-School I

This program introduces a more defined class structure: warm up, tap/ballet barre, progressions and combinations. We also explore dance through creative songs and rhythmic games. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of ballet and tap with an introduction to jazz. These classes facilitate the development of musical awareness and motor skills. Class length is one hour.

Pre-School II

This program is a follow up to the Pre-School I Program. We will further introduce students to the art of dance through the addition of skill progression. We discuss the importance of creativity and self-expression through movement and dance. This is a combination class that includes tap, ballet and jazz in a one hour session.

Kinder Combo

Still using the combination class format; this program will add to their knowledge of tap and ballet as well as further their jazz curriculum. Children learn the correct disciplines of the ballet barre, ballet positions, body alignment and center floor work. Students develop a true sense of rhythm and musicality in preparation for the Pre and Classic levels in a one hour session.

Classic Level Classes
(Pre-Level thru Teen Level)


Jazz class consists of a warm up, across the floor progressions, and center combinations. Students will be versed in understanding musicality, rhythm and style.


Tap is one of the most rhythmic of all dance styles. Students will be introduced to numerous steps and progressions that will better concentrate their coordination and agility. Class consists of center work and progressions across the floor.


Ballet is the foundation from which all dance comes from. Ballet comes highly recommended as it promotes correct body placement, strength and coordination. Each class will consist of barre, center, and grand and petite allegro work (based upon level). Once a student has mastered proper technique, a student may be able to advance to Pointe; which is at the discretion of the teacher.


Lyrical is a more expressive form of dance fusing together aspects of jazz and ballet. It focuses on one's emotions. It will help to strengthen grace and control.


Hip Hop offers students a more relaxed environment to learn combinations and dance moves. Hip Hop introduces students to the latest dance moves as seen on TV, music videos and in the movies!


The Acrobatics program is designed to benefit the young dancer. Each student is dealt with on a one-on-one level, allowing for each student to progress according to their abilities. Conditioning, flexibility, and tumbling are incorporated into the program in order to help strengthen muscles and coordination.