About Encore

At Encore Dance Academy, our aim is to provide all students with a well-rounded dance education. We are committed to providing you with the very best to suit your dance education needs. Read on to find out what actually goes on when the classroom door closes...

Why Choose Dance for Your Child?

The power of dance

Dance has the unique ability to address every learning style while boosting confidence and discipline.

Visual and spatial patterns

Dancers learn visual and spatial patterns – what "window" am I in within this formation? What do I see the teacher doing and how do I replicate it?

Dance is kinesthetic

The child masters fine motor control through repetition and feeling the physicality of their own body. This visceral awareness is invaluable in a society that too often relegates children to the confines of a school desk or the idle cushions in front of a television.

Verbal cues

Children learn to translate a dance teacher's verbal cues into action through imagery and vocabulary. Words unique to dance elicit physical, emotional and kinesthetic reactions.

The power of music

Musicality offers the more advanced dancer the opportunity to experiment with nuance and expression through physical movement. Music sets the tone of a phrase of movement and has landmarks to cue the sequence of an exercise or piece of choreography.

Mathmatically group phases of movement

Children learn how to group phrases of movement mathematically and discover recognizable patterns within familiar material. Abstract mathematical concepts (the number eight can be divided into four groups of two, or two groups of four, or eight groups of one) are subconsciously ingrained through dance training.


Dancers become accountable when a teacher gives a correction: they must find the intrapersonal tools to interpret and modify the skills they are learning. A good dance teacher is able to individualize corrections while allowing a dancer to solve problems on their own.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Dancers develop strong interpersonal intelligence when working as a group to execute simultaneous movement or establish spatial patterns. They are taught to respect personal boundaries and work together to accomplish tasks -- whether staying in a line or mastering partnering skills.

About Our Facility

Four state of the art studio spaces complete with:

  • Bose® stereo sound-system
  • Sprung-floor system by Wooden Kiwi®

One waiting area that features:

  • 55-inch flat screen TVs which provide live access to your child's class
  • TVs can also be used for cable TV or DVDs

Plus, don't forget:

  • Ample parking
  • Air-conditioning
  • Convenient location right off of I-95 and I-93
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